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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do we need to have any dance experience?

No dance experience is needed to start your lessons. We work with people ranging from those who never danced before and claim to have “two left feet” and “no rhythm” to those who love to dance and have various dance backgrounds yet need basic assistance with choreography and guidance.

How much time do we need to be ready to perform?

It is always better to give yourself some time, especially if dancing is something new to you and your partner. Three month is a very good time range, but if you don’t have that amount of time, don’t worry…we can develop a strategy that will work of anyone with any time frame.

What kind of music is best suitable for a wedding dance?

Music is a very personal choice and often reflects the personality and a style of a couple who is choosing the song to dance to. However, we are also experts in music and musicality. We are very happy to help you pick a song that moves you, that you can connect to and enjoy dancing to. Click HERE for some popular music choices.

How long should the song be?

If you have never danced before and are a bit nervous about performing, we recommend not going much longer than 2-2.5 minutes. You want to keep your audience interested and engaged, not bored. There are some occasions that require a longer song, if there is a change of a dance style in the middle of a song. Any song can be tapered to the time frame you need. A DJ is often more than happy to cut the song or fade it out at the end.

Can the bride dance in my wedding dress or will she need to change?

As dance instructors and choreographers we always take in consideration bride’s dress style. All dances can get “adjusted” to your range of movement, which at times might be limited by the wedding dress length and fulness. If the bride is able to change into a different dress (such as for Argentine Tango, for example), that in itself can add some dramatic effect to your performance. Feel free to ask your instructor for specific suggestions.

Do we need special shoes for the dance? What kind?

Shoes are a very important part of your performance and can play a crucial role in the quality of your dance. Different dance floors require different kinds of a shoe soles. In general, it is good to dance in shoes that are specially crafted for dancing. However, there are some regular shoes that have similar features which will make your dance easier: leather or non-stick soles (for both bride and groom), small heal rather than a tall one “stiletto” style (bride). A shoe should be snug but not too tight and should have some sort of straps to keep comfortably on your foot (bride). We are always happy to give you some suggestions when you pick your shoes, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Can we also get our wedding party to do a dance with us? 

Although First Dance is usually danced by the bride and groom only, nowadays people more often than not go outside the “box” and make their wedding dance and dance any way they like it to be. It is YOUR special day and it is YOUR party!  Having your closest friends participate in your wedding dance is a fun idea that can be choreographed and be a big hit at your wedding.

Can you give us some final suggestions on how to perform in front of a big audience without fear?

Absolutely! There are many ways to get prepared to what might seem like a nerve-racking experience. It doesn’t have to be at all! Practicing as much as you can and listening to your song even when you are not dancing will help a lot to be familiar with music and have a muscle memory of your moves. Also, breathing while you are feeling nervous is one of the most powerful ways of releasing tension. Most people, when nervous, hold their breath. As dance instructors who work with wedding couples we always stress the importance of relaxing on the dance floor. Also, we always recommend to do at least one “dry run” in front of strangers (a group class, for example). This way you not only get to practice before the audience, but get some positive support from other students who are in the same boat as you.

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